3D Scanning

3D Scanning Services in NYC

Using the 3D scanning services at Voxel magic in NYC provides an optimal way to save on design time and increase accuracy before printing. 3D scans take images of a physical object—whether it be a statue, machine part, or person—and creates a digital version of it. Of course, the CAD design may need some tweaking and cleaning up. Our technicians are proficient in CAD design and will optimize your final digital copy for printing purposes.

How does it work?

Submit Your Request

The first step is to simply let us know what you’re looking for. The possibilities are just about limitless. If you have a specific question regarding what we can scan, let us know.

Submit our online order form with as much information as you can for your project.

Receive a Quote

After submitting your inquiry, you’ll receive a custom quote and timeframe to complete the entire process. The standard timeframe for 3D scanning services in two to three business days. However, if there are any other services you’d like us to perform there may be additional time required.

Send Us the Material You’d Like Scanned

Once our team approves the quote, mail us your object for us to scan it. If the object is large or fragile to send through conventional mail, you can bring it to our New York office or one of our technicians will come to you.

We’ll Perform the 3D Scan

With all the necessary information and material in hand, your 3D scanning service will begin at our NYC office. Depending on the intricacy of your project, the entire process will take between two to three business days.

After the 3D scan is complete, our technicians will clean up the CAD design so the design is as accurate as possible to the original physical material. If you have requisitioned any 3D prints—now that we have the necessary information—we’ll start with whichever 3D printing method you prefer.

Receive Your CAD Designs and 3D Prints

Lastly, once we produce the scan, CAD design touch-ups, and your 3D prints, you’ll receive all your deliverables at once. The option to make a modification or produce more models or prototypes from the scan is always an option at Voxel Magic.

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Submit our online query form to get your 3D scanning service started Voxel Magic in NYC.

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