Circuit Board Design & Microcontroller Programming Service in NYC

Circuit Board Design & Microcontroller Programming Service in NYC

The technicians and operators at Voxel Magic can handle any circuit board design or microcontroller programming service your organization needs in NYC. We work with companies in all fields to bring them reliable electronic-based services that provide lasting benefits to vital programs, systems, and machinery. To learn more about how Voxel Magic can aid your business, please reach out to our team with any questions. On top of all other 3D and technology services we provide, we offer consultative services to NYC clients curious about how we can serve their needs.

Circuit Board Design Services

As one of the most crucial parts of electronic circuits and equipment, a professional should handle circuit boards to optimize all necessary components. In NYC, our circuit board design services are available to clients from all industries looking to quickly and accurately manufacture printed circuit boards (PCB).

Lead Time

All timeframes will depend on the complexity and size of your project. We do our best to streamline our process without sacrificing quality, so you receive your required parts as soon as possible.

Microcontroller Programming Services

Voxel Magic has all the tools, equipment, and necessary personnel to effectively handle microcontroller programming. Through our microcontroller programming service in NYC, we provide industries, such as auto or process engineering, with fast custom programming solutions.

Lead Time

Same as with our circuit board design, microcontroller programming can vary due to size and complexity. For a more accurate picture of how long your project will take to complete, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

What else can Voxel Magic do for you?

In addition to technical electrical component design services pertaining to circuit boards and microcontroller programming, we provide 3D design and printing services in New York. From initial digital creation to rapid prototyping to aesthetically realistic products, our vast knowledge and service base can take you through the entire design to the creation process. As always, we face every project with professionalism and the drive to complete your project in the fastest timeframe possible.

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