MSLA 3D Printing

MSLA 3D Printing Service in NYC

At Voxel Magic, our MSLA 3D printing service in NYC serves a wide pool of clients. As with most 3D printing services, prototyping is among the top uses for numerous industries. Whether the prototype end-use is for marketing campaigns, or as the first step in creating technical molds or casts, our accurate and detailed production provides a fast and useful solution. Other common uses of stereolithography printing include small-scale manufacturing, and medical modeling or prosthetic production. In addition, MSLA 3D printing services are a popular choice among engineers in New York for their fine detail, and ability to create small features as well as extraordinarily large components.

Our in-house production capabilities for MSLA rapid printing are vast. If you have questions or need help finding the right printing method for your project, give us a call at (800) 239-8181. We provide free fifteen-minute consultative calls to organizations looking for guidance on the next steps.

SLA Printing Service Details

Lead Time

At Voxel Magic, we only need 24 to 48 hours lead time to complete most projects. Times may differ depending on specifications or custom resin requests.

Best Use

Due to the advanced performance of galvanometers, SLA 3D printing produces crisp, highly detailed results. The professional, intricate capabilities of stereolithography printing make the printed material ideal for complex prototypes and modeling parts. All resin-based objects are water-resistant, which is useful for creating water-tight prototypes or functioning parts.


SLA by-products offer a high-level of quality and mid-level strength. Our technicians remove all support material and sand the nibs smooth before delivering the final product to your organization.


Basic color options for SLA printing include White, grey, black, clear, and aquamarine blue. Custom colors are available upon request.

Cost: $$

Although production time is still one of the fastest 3D printing options, material and labor involved are a bit more intense than FDM. For details on pricing, please fill out our inquiry form or contact us directly by phone.

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